by Ellyn Wolfe






I’m always delighted when the submissions come in for Straitjackets. I settle into a comfortable chair at my desk, a snack and a drink within reach, and open my Inbox, which is brimming with stories from our talented Diamond Valley Writers Guild members. 

I open the first submission and suddenly find myself in rural Mexico virtually swatting at bobos, tiny gnats, while sitting on the rustic porch of Sorocco Lopez.  An American expat is picking up an order of tamales Senora Lopez makes from an old family recipe in her tiny kitchen.  He has what he thinks is a helpful idea…
The next story has me stockpiling provisions with Ella as she and her husband, Shird, prepare to head out along the Oregon Trail to the Nebraska Territory in a covered wagon.  This lovely opening chapter feels as if it’s pulled directly from a bygone relative’s journal, but it’s all from the vibrant mind of JoLynne Beuhring.

I open another and I’m yanked back to the present.  I’m in Yosemite National Park, with Howard Feigenbaum, who reveals how he “…bridged the chasm between two worlds, photography and art”, while “…contrasting the absurdly artificial with the pristine”.  My own absurd side is chuckling.  His daughter is mortified.

Yet another story has me anxious in the front seat of Sandy Schuster-Hubbard’s car as the voice of her GPS, who has an attitude problem, “recalculates” her into the same dead end over and over again.
My morning passes by quickly as I travel virtually in time and location with the writers, while never leaving my desk in Hemet.  These Diamond Valley Writer’s Guild members have taken me on a delightful literary stay-cation. 

I appreciate how carefully those who put pen to page observe life around them, how they notice details and nuances the average person might miss, and how their unique voices add zest and depth to their stories and poetry.
Do you have a story to tell, an entertaining idea to share?  What’s swirling around in your head that you can put to paper and send to Straitjackets for consideration? Our readers and I are looking forward to traveling along with you wherever your creativity takes you.
I hope you enjoy this edition of Straitjackets Magazine.

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